Crop tops come in so many different styles they can be paired with just about anything, and ‘how to wear’ them, as always, my favorite response, ‘it depends’ on your personal style and comfort level. 

Yes! All you need is bottoms with a higher waist. I love crop tops with midi skirts, shorts, jeans, or wide-leg pants! Since there is no overlap with crop tops, you should be comfortable with a tiny bit of skin showing when you move since it’s almost inevitable. In the photos below, I’m wearing shorts with a white crop top. I’m never afraid to go for it.  I enjoy the warm weather and push the fashion boundaries. Love creating outfits that will stand out and try something new. Because I know once I’m freezing again this winter, I’ll long for the days when I could wear whatever I wanted without having to style my look around a parka. Well, thanks a lot for stopping by.  Bisous!!l
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