We’ve hit that weird point in the year where the seasons are changing—it’s no longer summer, but it’s not quite fall either. I love this time of the year because it feels like a fresh start for some reason. Maybe it’s the cool air when I take my dogs out on our morning walks that just puts me at ease, or the shorter days that make me shut down my work computer earlier, pour a cup of tea and slow down. What’s new? I have partnered with @entrepreneur and @shoedazzle I am extremely excited. This is absolutely a dream come true. Can’t wait to share more. I absolutely love  this gorgeous long sleeve blouse, because it’s super chic and classy. I paired it with a short skirt and heels. The skirt is super short, but because the blouse is classy and long sleeve, showing no clivage makes the entire look very easy and comfortable to wear. Thanks for stopping by.

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