Yes, you can still wear shorts in a formal setting and look elevated and pulled together since the key is actually how you style them. So, whether you're headed for a morning coffee run, a mid-afternoon meeting, or after-hours drinks, this sleek shorts look is for you, using what's already in your closet.  

Whether it's the addition of a blazer, a bodysuit, or the perfect crop top, there are countless ways to give these bottoms a boost. And if your goal is to cover up more than Daisy Dukes allow, consider slipping into a longer pair of Bermuda shorts. This style tends to be more tailored, giving you plenty of room to play around when choosing a shirt. You can even embrace that casual-yet-luxe look by wearing them with a basic cotton tank, crop top or tee. Have some fun with prints and patterns, too. I absolutely love this look. Cute & Simple. 

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