Thank you so much for two hundred thousand followers. Means so much to me. It’s unreal. 

I wanted to stop by and share this look with you guys. 
Moms have been coming through with iconic looks since day one, and their collective late-80s penchant for comfortable, high-waisted jeans is no exception. With mom jeans back and living large, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give them a try. I thought the perfect way to wear my mom jeans is with a crop top & heels. What I love about this crop top is not so cropped that you can’t also wear it with lower jeans and untucked. This cute long sleeve crop top comes in different color as well. Of course I kept the look simple. Any special plan for the holidays? 

Hope you guys have the most relaxing holiday with your love ones. Muah!! Thanks for stopping by. 

With love, 




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