It’s official guys! I am saying goodbye to fashion blog. Who would have thought? I honestly thought I would be doing this for another 5 years or so. Wait a minute!! I’m not stopping there. I am welcoming LIFESTYLE BLOG!! I am excited!! My lifestyle blog will be about creating content inspired and curated from my personal interests and sometimes from my daily activities. These outfits are going to be so much fun to share. I can’t wait!! 

Wore this pencil skirt for church today then we stopped by this well known Haitian cafe in Orlando for a quick brunch. Food was delicious. 

High waist clothing never fails us, and with pencil skirts, they usually offer a little extra support up there if needed. Who could complain about that, right? Pencil skirts are great fashion pieces for work and church because they’re simultaneously modest and flattering. 
Thanks for stopping by. Bisous! 


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