Happy weekend! Hope you've all had a fabulous week! I'm not going to lie, the month of September was a pretty rough month for me, so, I reminded my self that sometimes things change, No matter how hard it gets, LIFE GOES ON! I've put together a little working from home the office, featuring some gorgeous pieces I picked out from @shoedazzle and I absolutely love them. 


Feeling comfortable and looking chic are the two things I aim for when working from home! Even though I’m spending my day at home in front of the computer, I always make sure I get up and make myself look and feel presentable. I don’t know why, but my motivation and productivity always increases as soon as I’m out of my pyjamas and feel more put together. This look is not my working from home look, but something that I would wear at the office on a Friday. I have some Amazing news coming up - don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM

Thanks for stopping. Bisous!


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