Hi babes,

Are we still in January? Rough month!  No matter what the circumstances I practice gratitude, always!  But, I am so ready for the month of January to be over. Anyways, let’s talk about this cute look......

As a fashion blogger I'm always trying to find the next hot new fashion trend. At least the next trend that I like. So here is one of my new favorites, The “off the shoulder” Whenever I want to get an instant hot chic look, the first thing to hit my mind is an off shoulder top with shorts or skirts or a regular jeans. This look is super cute and comfortable. Available now at Mickaa.

DM’s - I love  your posts, clothes, energy. I am 39 years old and afraid to dress sexy. I am uncomfortable with anything that shows off my legs. Any advice on that? 
Dear 39! Age is just a number. I think life and aging are the greatest gifts that we could possibly ever have. There is nothing wrong dressing sexy at 39. Life is short. You have everything else, but time. Show them legs girl and own it. I’d say always keep it simple and classy. Wink! 

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