Autumn is here, and that means a lot of change is headed your way. Leaves will change color, and so will the outfits. Temperatures will drop. People will wear thicker clothing and add more layers to stay warm. And if you’re like anyone else, you want to feel as comfortable as possible when the temperature dips.

There’s just one problem…despite the presence of fall, I’m not so willing to give up my shorts without a fight lol. Couple of weeks ago, I received a message from Iris For Woman. They wanted to collaborate. Sweet!!  I absolutely love their collection. I shopped a few pieces from their collection and this look is one of them. 

For me, casual doesn’t have to mean sloppy or poorly dressed. Casual can be fun, sexy, as long as you stick to good color pairings, a comfortable fit, and, of course, a high-quality pair of shorts. Get the look HERE

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