January 22nd, 2020 
Measured my hair this morning - 4 1/2 inches long. You have no idea how happy and excited I am. I know 
Natural curls usually isn't easy to handle but finding the right tools and methods for caring for your natural curls , will set you on the path to embracing your natural curls and kinky hair. I have outlined 7 ways to make caring for your afro hair a breeze, so you can have that healthy bounce and flaunt your natural mane proudly. 
1 Water Should Be Your Hair's Best Friend.
2 Hydrate Your Afro Hair Always.
3 Only Use Protective Styles.
4 Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo.
5 Oiling Your Hair Frequently.
6 Eat Healthy Meals For Your Hair Needs.
7 Let Your Hair Breathe.
8 Deep Condition Your Natural Hair.
January 10, 2021
About 2 weeks ago, I accidentally chopped off about 5 inches of my relaxed hair while taking off my hair extensions out. I literally cried like a kid. I was upset, really upset. Instead of wearing hair extensions again, I decided to cut off all my relaxed hair, what we call the the big CHOP! is the act of taking your natural hair journey from transitioning to officially 100% natural in a matter of minutes. I measured my curls this morning - 3 inches long. My curls grew half of inch past 2 weeks and, I’ve never felt more Inspired to wear my true texture. I will be sharing the hair products that I’m using on my next update - February 10, 2021. Bisous.